Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Out and about.

Hey hey! So, first off, I realized that I didn't mention NYAF. Yes, I am a giant dork. A few weeks ago, I was hanging out in the Artists' Alley at the New York Anime Festival, helping to promote a fledgling webcomic. I got to sit around and draw for an entire weekend - not different from any other day, except for the location, and the fact that I was making money off of it. Huzzah!

That third page came after I saw Ryusuke Hamamoto'
s panel and watched him draw. He works in a lot of solid blacks, which I find really cool and comicky.

So these are things I draw when I don't know what to draw, and don't have anything to refer to. Except for that little dude in the hobo hat, that's Hamamoto. He was sitting so close to us...!

More recently: sitting down and enjoying the weather while it's still tolerable! First, various passersby at Washington Square Park. There was a band playing, and they had a trumpet! Well, two - one man was playing two at the same time (!!). How cool!

And second, cute (and huge) fish at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. It was great seeing them, because the story I decided on involves fish. I feel more confident now in my ability to draw fish that resemble fish.

At the bottom right of the second: Bob the Goldfish, courtesy a very cool person.

^ A very cool person!

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