Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Whew! I, um, remembered that Grandma W's birthday is this time of year, and I'm going home for Thanksgiving tomorrow. So. A bit of a rush job, but don't tell her that!

This was painted in two parts on a nice easy-assembly picture frame: the background's on the sheet of plastic in back, while Dad and Grandma are on the pane of glass in front. You can kind of catch their shadows if you look closely.

I'm so excited for this trip! Happy almost-Thanksgiving~!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday, November 12, 2010


Sketched these during the movie - Patrick found a blu-ray copy in stock, after days of searching! There was much rejoicing and enjoyment of various extras. Many, many thumbs up. Mutant-style.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A puzzling process!

Good morning! After finishing the third Layton game (in which I got to the final cutscenes as I approached my subway stop, and was forced to sit on a bench and cry forever), I was overcome by the need for fanart. The way I go about things is pretty basic, but I thought it might make a fun post anyway. Woo!

First, sketching with a tiny gleam of an idea in mind. I wanted to see Luke and Big Luke hanging out and bein' bros, and being a bro in the Laytonverse means solving some puzzles together. I personally loved the car minigame, so there you go.

Cleaning up the sketch. I do not know these boys from memory (even though I should, considering how much time I threw into those games), so I found some nice official-type reference images (character sheets, screenshots) on the intertubes to help me out. Also, decided that Luke was having Big Luke over to his place, and tried to think of nice things to put in the kid's room.

Inks! Blah blah line width variation blah. You will notice that Luke's suitcase is no longer in the left corner of the picture. Either it felt too cluttered, or I was just lazy, or maybe a combination of both these things.

Time to lay down some flats.

Same for the background! I pulled a few elements of Layton-London (yellowyellowyellow) for the view from the window, but didn't spend a lot of time thinking about it. It's probably the roughest part of the picture.

Shading. I did my best not to go overboard - I figured that for a charming picture of two Lukes, simplicity would be the way to go. That said, gradients are fun.

And, lastly, textures. Old paper for the wall and carpet, and a floral pattern for the curtains, both courtesy cgtextures. They might not make a huge difference, but they make me happy.

(PS: you can find this final image in a bit more detail at my deviantart.)

So! There you have it, True Gentlemen. Until next time~