Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thinking about stories.

Classes loom! I've been trying to think of things that I would enjoy working on for a semester (!).


Then something about the sleepwalking kid made me want to draw him again. I think it was the jammies.

And this stuff started happening. A kid who never really stops hoping that his teddy comes to life. In the end, it doesn't. What kind of a sad story is that?

So I'm still thinking. I might be on to something - I'll let you know once I have it more fleshed out! :)

Dance, magic dance.

Something cool I got for my birthday: a Labyrinth DVD!

I'm pleased with how that fuzzy dude (right, right, Ludo) turned out.

It is so hard to capture how very fabulous Jareth is. Try, try again?


It's been a while! Here's some of the stuff I've been doing since last time:

Soon after I started at the summer job. Part of the glorious morning commute, on the right; on the bottom, we find me shredding things. By hand!

On the Chinatown bus one afternoon.

Ordinarily, I would not include something as silly as this. But I did it with my left hand! My left hand! (That's, uh, not my drawing hand.)