Sunday, April 3, 2011

And now for something completely different!

Lately, I have been dabbling in the squishy mystery that is Sculpey. Clearly not a master by any means, but it's pretty fun! Also I totally did not know that you could mix colors until this week. Whole new worlds have been opened up to me, you guys.

Clearly inspired by Ramona's bag (see: Scott Pilgrim).

Who is this fine fellow?

Or this guy, even?

Together, they are two fabulously sexy television personalities: Stewart and Colbert! Now you, too, can feel the fate of America dangling just above your shoulders.

...and someone (me) has been playing just a little too much Tetris lately.


*P would like to note that this was taken before his daily preening session, and as such, is not an accurate representation of his Adonis-like features.