Thursday, February 26, 2009

New sketchbook!

I finished up with my lovely watercolor sketchbook and couldn't find another like it (why, Pearl, why?), so I settled for the next best thing. From the old book, we have:

Sitting in Starbucks, thinking about the minicomic.

The Film Genres professor. "I hope you have all recovered from your Oscar parties. I hope your team won."

Experiments with a brush pen.

Now, on to the new book, which is slightly too large for my scanner. It doesn't take as well to wet media, so I'm using the opportunity to work with pens again.

(I did remember to deposit the paycheck.)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Life drawing!

I'd been meaning to check out the Spring Studio for a while, and finally made the time last night to do it. (Thanks for the nudge, P.) And now I am feeling fancy and funk-free, and ready to get back to work. Good things all around.

So here we have two- to five- minute poses:

And ten- to fifteen- minute ones:

Not sure why, but I was paying particular attention to knees and feet this time. Mysteries of the mind!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


The beginning of a minicomic. Being the first two pages, they are the least rushed, and consequently I call them my favorites.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

hourly comics!

My very first! Highly illegible comics each hour I was awake on February first (and a few hours into the second). I realize translations are necessary, and will provide accordingly.
Lesson learned: my scanner is very shy around blue pencil. I think it should just man up and buy some nice flowers or something.

10:42 AM
p: i don't love you any more
g: god damn you, layton

11:45 AM
buffy: I touch the fire and it freeeeezes me
buffy: buuuuuurn
narration: Thanks, Joss.

12:26 PM
p: Wow, look at the time. We should go eat.
g: Yeah...
g: Hey, our wall-to-wall goes back a while!
p: Ooh!
both: ...
p:...but really, we should go eat.
g: Oh, right!

Even I can barely read this one. Hang on.

1:28 PM
p: There's something satisfying about killing something and getting to its corpse before it even hits the ground.
fx: click click

g: I unlocked the puzzle master's house!

p: ...Weren't we going to go eat?

g: What are we doing with our lives?

narration: But it's nice to chill now and then. <3

2:52 PM
g: Wow, this came with a lot of butter.
labels: french toast! butter thing!

fx: nom nom

p: I thought you said it was a lot of butter?
label: empty butter thing!
narration: That's not a bad thing!

3:56 PM
p: I guess.
g: No, really, it's super-nice out! Close your eyes. Feel it.
p: Um... okay.
g: Here's how you know I love you: I'm not gonna walk you into that poo over there. <3
p: Thaaanks.

Notice how I gave up on the pencils entirely.

4:40 PM
g: Yeah, Mom! It was great! I-
fx: poot
phone: Honey?
g: Umm, hang on a sec.
fx: boot
p: what i doooo?!

5:50 PM
prompt: Please set up your new wireless connection. Name your network: ____
g: Hmm!
entry: ___scott pilgrim vs the internet____
p: Haha!
g: Yay, we're giant nerds!

6:48 PM
g: homework homework homework
p: football football football
g: homework chocolate chocolate
p: football football football

7:36 PM
p: football football football
g: ads ads ads
g: trip!
label: ethernet cable!

8:35 PM
g: homework homework homework
p: football football football
p: Wow! That Heroes ad just now was AWESOME!
narration: It's hard to animate with a BROKEN HEART

9:40 PM
g: Hey! Could I get a raspberry lemonade?
dude: Oh... we're out.
g: Oh, okay. Um... a mango smoothie?
dude: Sorry, out.
g: Uhh... root beer?!
dude: I dunno...

10:58 PM
both: sooooo fulllll
g: ...back to homework

11:44 PM
g: homework homework
p: WoW WoW WoW
g: kiss
p: WoW- I dead yet

12:33 AM
g: homework homework homework
p: z
g: homework homework... home...
p: z
g: z
p: z

1:33 AM
g: z
p: z
g: z
p: z
good night!