Wednesday, May 11, 2011

poor ken

My sister and I are two years apart, so there was only a short span of time during our childhoods in which we were both interested in playing with Barbies.

The green slime was a recurring, and quite formidable, villain. I believe it was eventually defeated by Ken's pure heart.

...We were weird kids, weren't we?

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  1. We also had one Ken and about a dozen Barbies...until we took the ugliest Barbie, cut its hair, and started dressing it in Ken's clothes. Thus, without realizing it until I spent some time at Smith College, Transgendered Barbie was born! (I can't remember what his name was at the time.) Transgendered Barbie sort of became the antithesis of Ken, though, whose advances were always rejected by the Barbies, and was used whenever we needed a "Bad Guy." I bet all girls who played with Barbies have some funny stories.