Monday, May 12, 2008

Watercolors, continued!

Back home for the summer, and thought I'd start scanning stuff in. Above are more adventures with waterbrush - part of Washington Square Park as seen from the eighth floor of a building, and my workplace. (It isn't actually that colorful, sadly.)

I found an old magazine at work. These three are based on advertisements I found in that magazine. I'm much more familiar with acrylic paint, so it was frustrating trying to get the colors to match what I saw. Eventually, I gave up on that (orange skin, anyone?).

Sometimes, I just let my mind wander and doodle. It tends to look like this. (The lab was quiet that day.)

Next up: what I started drawing after 1) acquiring a real, portable watercolor kit! (as opposed to the watercolor pencils I'd been using) and 2) leaving NY.

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