Monday, May 12, 2008

It'd be a strange fighting game.

I was thinking about what would happen if some of the people I knew were fighting game characters. It's an interesting exercise, because it forces me to think about both physical characteristics and personality quirks. How well do I really remember these people? What would they do if...?

I started with the easiest, of course - which turned out to be both a good and a bad thing, as I was still getting used to my bona fide, awesome watercolor set! (I got the sketcher's pocket box. It's cheap, lightweight, and nice! My only concern is that the blocks of paint rattle around a lot. Makes me feel like if I'm jostled, I'm going to lose something...).

And then I moved on to these two! They've both got a lot of character.

So, this is a personal project in progress - it's silly, fun, and kind of educational, and I'd recommend it to anyone. You, even!

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