Monday, August 2, 2010

West Virginia and drawing in public!

Double feature today, gang! First off, sketches from P's family reunion in West Virginia - they actually had enough people to run a pretty epic soccer game. He's still got the bruises.

At the risk of sounding pretentious or out of the loop, I decided to see what all the bother is about these Moleskine books. I've only used a few pages so far; the first is below. Initial impression: I like the brightness of the paper, and it was really fun drawing on the insert page (so smooth!), but I'm not sold yet as to whether the watercolor paper is better than my usual fare or not. Words words words - it's a sketchbook, and I'll be happy to sketch in it.

Finally, here's a short comic I put together recently. While I always appreciate the attention, and I've actually met some great people through sketching in public, I'm never really sure how to defuse the awkwardness of the following conversations.

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  1. In response to your comics I
    totally these all the time normally I get 'I wish I could draw' more often than 'Can you draw me?' I generally reply with 'Aww well if it's something you're really interested in just practice! *pat pat*' and then its back on them lol and as far as requests I normally go with the 'I'm doing something sorry :(' It's comforting to know someone else goes through this and feels just as awkward about it as I do! :D