Thursday, June 10, 2010

Work adventures, part one!

Hey, it's Thursday! And Thursday means I've drawn a silly comic!

Meanwhile, I've been enjoying my awesome new clicky pen
far too much
(thanks, Nick). It's one of those pens with multiple pens inside, except I actually got to customize this one! So I chose .3 and .5 black, .4 brown, and .4 blue. My only regret is that the ink is not waterproof, but I am sure I can work around that. Here are some of the things I've sketched so far:

Bobby Flay. He has a... way about him.

And the Jet Blade Brigade! This is a much more attractive interpretation of the comic that occupied my early adolescence, being based on the roller-blading-role-playing hijinks that would go down in my neighborhood. Except with more magic and worthless puns. You know the sort.

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