Monday, February 22, 2010

Practice, practice.

Lately, in the name of self-betterment (with the aid of excessive amounts of free time and also awesome friends), I have been doing a number of new things, while also devoting more attention to old things upon which I must improve. Below, you will find:

1. Gale's foray into Inking Wit
h a Brush, also to be known as Inking in a Color that Isn't Black, also to be known as Hey Is That a Background:

2. A small portion of a storyboard. Lo! A storyboard! It's been a while, so this was a great exercise. I might have to go back and do everything over, though - I recently had the opportunity to listen to Dreamworks' Steve Hickner talk about storyboards, and it was one of those experiences that was both incredible and incredibly depressing.

3. Edit: Overtime! Some guy watching the Olympics. Man, that is a rockin' pad.


  1. Wish I could remember. I think his name is... Rick?

  2. Gale... I shall make you Artist Laureate in my New American Empire. Bravo.

  3. Sir - what an honor! I don't think my poor heart can take it!