Monday, December 7, 2009

What is a huskiroo?

About a year ago, I dreamed that I had my very own Siberian husky-kangaroo hybrid. I rode it to class, bypassing ordinary sidewalk-dwellers with grace and speed. I reveled in our freedom, my huskiroo's soft fur rippling around me as the wind rushed past.

When class was over, the huskiroo was gone.

You might remember that last year, my life drawing class was assigned to invent a creature. Well, it's happened again. This time, in honor of a distant, sweet memory, I give unto you an image of one of the noblest carnivores our time has never known:

The huskiroo.

As a side note - sorry for the image quality; the originals are huge. If I manage to grab better pictures on a gloriously bright day, rest assured that these will be replaced.

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