Wednesday, February 4, 2009

hourly comics!

My very first! Highly illegible comics each hour I was awake on February first (and a few hours into the second). I realize translations are necessary, and will provide accordingly.
Lesson learned: my scanner is very shy around blue pencil. I think it should just man up and buy some nice flowers or something.

10:42 AM
p: i don't love you any more
g: god damn you, layton

11:45 AM
buffy: I touch the fire and it freeeeezes me
buffy: buuuuuurn
narration: Thanks, Joss.

12:26 PM
p: Wow, look at the time. We should go eat.
g: Yeah...
g: Hey, our wall-to-wall goes back a while!
p: Ooh!
both: ...
p:...but really, we should go eat.
g: Oh, right!

Even I can barely read this one. Hang on.

1:28 PM
p: There's something satisfying about killing something and getting to its corpse before it even hits the ground.
fx: click click

g: I unlocked the puzzle master's house!

p: ...Weren't we going to go eat?

g: What are we doing with our lives?

narration: But it's nice to chill now and then. <3

2:52 PM
g: Wow, this came with a lot of butter.
labels: french toast! butter thing!

fx: nom nom

p: I thought you said it was a lot of butter?
label: empty butter thing!
narration: That's not a bad thing!

3:56 PM
p: I guess.
g: No, really, it's super-nice out! Close your eyes. Feel it.
p: Um... okay.
g: Here's how you know I love you: I'm not gonna walk you into that poo over there. <3
p: Thaaanks.

Notice how I gave up on the pencils entirely.

4:40 PM
g: Yeah, Mom! It was great! I-
fx: poot
phone: Honey?
g: Umm, hang on a sec.
fx: boot
p: what i doooo?!

5:50 PM
prompt: Please set up your new wireless connection. Name your network: ____
g: Hmm!
entry: ___scott pilgrim vs the internet____
p: Haha!
g: Yay, we're giant nerds!

6:48 PM
g: homework homework homework
p: football football football
g: homework chocolate chocolate
p: football football football

7:36 PM
p: football football football
g: ads ads ads
g: trip!
label: ethernet cable!

8:35 PM
g: homework homework homework
p: football football football
p: Wow! That Heroes ad just now was AWESOME!
narration: It's hard to animate with a BROKEN HEART

9:40 PM
g: Hey! Could I get a raspberry lemonade?
dude: Oh... we're out.
g: Oh, okay. Um... a mango smoothie?
dude: Sorry, out.
g: Uhh... root beer?!
dude: I dunno...

10:58 PM
both: sooooo fulllll
g: ...back to homework

11:44 PM
g: homework homework
p: WoW WoW WoW
g: kiss
p: WoW- I dead yet

12:33 AM
g: homework homework homework
p: z
g: homework homework... home...
p: z
g: z
p: z

1:33 AM
g: z
p: z
g: z
p: z
good night!


  1. Soooooooooo coooooooool, sisterrrrrrrr! :D

    *shiny happy things*

    My favorite is the second-to-last! Ahahaha... Z...

  2. oh man these are so amusing
    and yes I had the legibility problem too